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Monica Martinez

My name is Monica R. Martinez and as your former New York State Senator for the Third Senatorial District, I am eager to represent you once again in Albany. I spent two years enacting groundbreaking reforms and passing important policies providing better opportunities to all New Yorkers.

Now - after time away from Albany - it is time I return to the Capital and continue my work delivering for our families, our children, our environment and our most vulnerable populations.

In my first term as Senator, I supported legislation to make Long Island a more affordable place to live by making the 2% Property Tax Cap permanent which will save the average Suffolk County homeowner roughly $60,000 over the next ten years. I've fought for and secured record funding for our schools ensuring Long Islanders get their fair share from Albany. I’ve supported common sense gun-safety measures, authored legislation protecting and expanding a woman's right to quality health care, advocated for and restored funding to programs that support our seniors, veterans and their families as well as co-sponsored one of the most progressive pieces of Climate Change legislation in the country. For years I've fought to ensure our communities are safe by working with local law enforcement officials.

As the Chairwoman to the Public Safety Committee at the Suffolk County Legislature and as State Senator I led the fight against violent gangs like MS-13 when no other government official stepped up. I developed programs for our youth as they are vital to ensure our youth don't fall prey to a life of fear and violence and I have secured millions in funding to establish gang prevention programs and equip local law enforcement with the right tools to keep our communities safe.

So much was accomplished but more needs to be done. The aforementioned accomplishments can be expanded upon which is why I want to continue to fight for, advocate for and represent you in Albany. If you want a State Senator who fights for Long Island with a proven record of passing important legislation, delivering real results and fighting back against any establishment, then I need your help.

I came to this country at the age of three and witnessed my parents sacrifice so much and fight so hard to give me the opportunity to succeed. My strong family values and foundation has led me to a life of public service. I have dedicated my life to the belief; if individuals are given the opportunity to thrive through education and information, every dream can become a reality. From a very young age, my parents instilled in me the importance of education. I attended Binghamton University, New York University and Stony Brook University where I studied diligently to become an educator and a school administrator, giving back to my hometown. I had the desire to help more people outside the four walls of my classroom and office which is why I stepped up to serve as the legislator of the Ninth Legislative District in the Suffolk County Legislature. My desire to assist others grew and I knew I could help even more communities by running for the NYS Senate. It has been a true honor to serve the residents of the Third Senatorial District and I want to continue to fight for you as your Suffolk’s Senator.

This country, and the community in which I live in, have given me the opportunity to succeed and I want to continue to make sure every New Yorker has the same opportunity; the opportunity for a safe community, the opportunity for quality affordable health care, and the opportunity for a sound and equitable education. With your help, let's build that pathway to opportunity for others, together.