My name is Monica R. Martinez and I am Suffolk’s State Senator, in Albany. The past two years we've been able to enact groundbreaking reforms and pass important policies providing better opportunities to all New Yorkers and with your help we can continue to make great strides delivering for our families, our children, our environment and our most vulnerable populations. In my first term as Senator, I supported legislation to make Long Island a more affordable place to live by making the 2% Property Tax Cap permanent which will save the average Suffolk County homeowner roughly $60,000 over the next ten years. I've fought for and secured record funding for our schools ensuring Long Islanders get their fair share from Albany. I’ve supported common sense gun-safety measures, authored legislation protecting and expanding a woman's right to quality health care, advocated for and restored funding to programs that support our seniors, veterans and their families as well as co-sponsored one of the most progressive pieces of Climate Change legislation in the country. For years I've fought to ensure our communities are safe working with local law enforcement officials as the Chairwoman to the Public Safety Committee at the Suffolk County Legislature and as State Senator by leading the fight against violent gangs like MS-13. Programs for our youth are vital to ensure our youth don't fall prey to a life of fear and violence and I have secured millions in funding to establish gang prevention programs and equip local law enforcement with the right tools to keep our communities safe. ›› read more